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For Individuals & Enterpreneurs

We Build, Run & Grow Your Own E-commerce Brand On Automation

For Individuals & Entrepreneurs

We Build, Run & Grow Your Own E-commerce Brand On Automation

We build, manage, run & grow your business on automation.

Product Research & Sourcing.
Listing Products In All Major Marketplaces.
Marketing Product & Brand Building.
Shipping Products To Your Customers.
Accounting & Book Keeping.
Client Enjoy Profit On Automation Every Day.

Proven Strategies & Experience Of Veterans

Leverage the experience of one of the best minds in the e-commerce industry to build your brand instead of losing money on trial and error for years.

In-House Warehouse & Shipping Facility

Not just Amazon, sell on any platform with ease with our fulfillment center with the best shipping rates and delivery speed.

Exclusive Fortune 500 Brands Partnership

Sell products of one of the most famous and demanding fortune brands as a retailer with our exclusive license.

How Does This Works

Step 1

Submit Application

Submit a simple application from the link below to claim your FREE No-Obligation Strategy Session.The Purpose of this application is to know more about yourself and your goals to see if we are the right company for your needs. This is strictly for people who are hungry for growth.
Step 2

Strategy Session

We’ll discuss your individual situation, what your goals are and how we can help you achieve and to see if we’re a good fit or not and more importantly, provide value to you in advance. If you are, we’ll give you all the details of how you can onboard with us. If not, we’ll politely and respectfully let you know.
Step 3

Building Your Business

Once you are onboard, we will start working on your business and will take care of all processes from the selection of products to sourcing them and from listing your products on the marketplace and delivering it to your customers, so you enjoy passive income on automation.

Comparison Of Automation Program With Our Competitors

Clients and their customer's experience is our priority and we make sure that we leave smile to you and to your customers with exclusive features.

Other Competitors
Features & Benifits
Our Competitor Agencies
Amazon Only
Amazon, Wallmart, Ebay, Facebook Marketplace & Shopify ( Direct Selling ).
Business Model

Dropshipping ( Risky ).
Private Label & Brand Reselling
Exclusive Fortune Brands License

Wholesale License
Warehouse Or Office

No Warehouse
15,000sqft Of Warehouse Facility
Exclusive Plan From Shipping Partner

Product & Brand Promotion

Amazon Ads Only
Amazon Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Tiktok Ads, Email Marketing, Google Ads.
Yearly Contract Renewal

Paid Renewal
Renewal Included
Amazon Suspension Coverage

No Coverage or Extra Charges
Unlimited Coverage
Money-Back Guarantee

No Guarantee
18 Months Guarantee

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Established in 2019

Discover our Story

From GNC Store To Building #1 Fastest Growing eCommerce Wholesaler & Brand Building Company.

Advanced Features

The new era of building wealth.

Founded by Amrinder Singh Kamboj, chief executive officer of Ecomxpro in 2019 with a vision of creating opportunity in the e-commerce industry that suits everyone's needs by leveraging their own expertise, experience & resource to create successful e-commerce businesses. After losing his first GNC store in California with a $300k loss, he realized customers were shifting faster than everyone was expecting and started his own e-commerce business. Within 18 months Amrinder created two successful Amazon brands and decided to leverage his experience to provide the same opportunity to everyone. Fast forward to today, Ecomxpro has launched 700+ products since 2019 generating over $40 million for 100+ clients and investors.

Our Roadmap

August, 2019
Started Ecomxpro

Ecomxpro was co-founded by CEO Amrinder Kamboj & COO Sanjit Shergil to provide hands-free income opportunities to clients by leveraging their expertise and experience in the e-commerce industry.

August, 2019
April, 2020
$1 Million In Sales

Ecomxpro reached $1 Million in total sales in just 9 months of its operation.

April, 2020
October, 2021
First Warehouse

Acquired the first warehouse of 500sqft, giving our clients the ability to ship orders from the different marketplace with cheaper shipping rates thus giving our clients more profitable.

October, 2021
April, 2020
$10 Million In Sales

Generated $1 Million in total sales for clients in just 18 months from the launch of our company.

April, 2020
Februaray, 2022
Second Warehouse

Acquired second warehouse with a space of 15,000 sqft, shipping over 2000+ orders each day for Amazon, Walmart, ebay & Facebook Marketplace.

Februaray, 2022
March, 2022
Kamboj Capital

Started Kamboj Capital, an investment opportunity where clients who don’t want to build e-commerce business can do capital investment in our successful brands for a monthly fixed rate of return.

March, 2022
July, 2022
Exclusive Shipping Deal

Acquired exclusive wholesale shipping contract from partner shipping company which gives us up to 67% lesser rate for shipping clients orders, thus giving our clients more sales and more profit.

July, 2022
Q1, 2023
Third Warehouse

Ecomxpro will set up a warehouse in Texas to enable faster and cheaper shipping to more parts of the United States.

Q1, 2023
Q2, 2023
In-House Shipping Containers

Ecomxpro will start in-house shipping containers that will drop the shipping cost of stock from china drastically, thus giving our clients more margin.

Q2, 2023
October, 2023
Ecomxpro Live Event

Ecomxpro will hold its first live event and successful party.

October, 2023

Our Vision

Build a successfully operating turnkey, automated e-commerce retail stores owned by our clients.

Our Mission

Give our clients the best opportunity and returns on their investment

Our Motto

You Invest-We Work, giving you real passive hands free income.

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